tv feelsTV Feels is a website dedicated to the exploration and celebration of character-driven, youth-geared television and the feels-oriented fan culture that surrounds it. Though initially a place for my own personal television ramblings, I hope to grow the site into a community where many people can contribute their own opinions and feels on their favorite television shows and characters.

Above all, TV Feels is about embracing television as a powerful force in our society and recognizing fan culture as a way for people to connect to a larger community — one that not only shares their passion, but empowers each other to take an active role in our culture.

Why Feels?

tv feels

The term “feels,” short for “feelings,” comes out of the Internet culture tradition and is used to communicate any kind of intense emotional reaction to a subject. It often pops up in fandom culture: i.e. “Ichabbie gave me all the feels in that last episode of Sleepy Hollow.” TV Feels is a place to celebrate the, at times, stigmatized sentimentality of storytelling. We currently exist in a television criticism landscape that skews away from melodrama and towards “prestige” TV centered around stoic male anti-heroes. Though I think the pendulum is swinging, I wanted to create TV Feels as a place to celebrate the validity of emotional resonance in the television form. We all have different ways of engaging with TV. For me, the best stories are the ones that make me feel something.

About Kayti Burt

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Kayti Burt is a freelance television blogger and the creator of TV Feels. She contributes recaps and think pieces to: MTV News, Den of Geek, Head Over Feels, The Televixen, and KQED Pop. Kayti is a lover of genre television, a defender of The CW, and a proponent of sentimental TV. Follow her on Twitter or Tumblr.

About Yuval Idan


Yuval Idan is a writer, feminist, activist, and pop culture nerd who started loving television because of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and hasn’t stopped since. In addition to writing about pop culture and media, she writes about food, politics, justice, and pretty much anything you can rant about. Follow her on Twitter.

Looking to contribute?


I would love to expand this blog from my own personal pieces to the thoughts and feels of many, diverse bloggers. If you have an idea for a piece or would like to recap an ongoing show, send an email to with your pitch, an example of your work, and an explanation of why you want to contribute to TV Feels. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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