The 100: A Post-Apocalyptic World Without Rape

Rape is an extremely common plot device in the current television landscape. While some shows handle it with great care and intentionality, it is more often filmed to titillate the male gaze, raise the stakes, demonstrate how evil the villain is, provide motivation for a male hero, or make a woman character more likeable. Lately,… Read more »

Pride and Prejudice Reading

More Than Memes #1: The All Things Pride and Prejudice Podcast Edition

Do you love Pride and Prejudice adaptations as much as we do? Check out the first edition of our More Than Memes Podcast — The All Things Pride and Prejudice Podcast Edition! For months and months, my ATX Festival friends (Karrie and Dana) and I (Kayti) have been trying to get our act together and start… Read more »

San Diego Comic Con 2015 Roundup

San Diego Comic Con 2015 Roundup

Hello, fandom friends! Well, the Nerd Olympics (or a better analogy) is over for this year. Time for us all — or, more accurately, the ones who were lucky enough to snag tickets — to retreat back into the Internet. Perhaps to come out again at New York Comic Con. Perhaps only to peek our… Read more »

mad max fury road

Mad Max, Mr. Robot, And A New Kind of Superhero

Hollywood spends a lot of time shilling superhero narratives at us, and, like many Americans, I consume these stories with gluttonous enthusiasm. Arrow is my favorite show. I have seen all of the Marvel universe movies (except Thor 2). And I am ready to adore CBS’ Supergirl in a completely unironic way. That being said,… Read more »

killjoys firefly space drama

5 Ways Syfy’s New Space Drama Killjoys Will Ease Your Firefly Heartache

Have you checked out Syfy’s space bounty hunter drama Killjoys? Though the series’ pilot is a little clunky, the show is a lot of fun — and it’s doing a lot to fill the Firefly-shaped hole still festering away in my TV-loving heart. Don’t get me wrong: Killjoys is not doing the exact same thing… Read more »

dark matter series premiere

Dark Matter Series Premiere Gif-Cap: “Ugh. Are You Sure?”

Relive all of the excitement of the Dark Matter series premiere with this gif-cap from new contributor Christina. Re-re-re-re-re-reeeecaaaaaaaaaaaap!!! Oh no!  Life support systems are down!  The ship wakes up its frozen inhabitants. Boring White Guy Jace Corso tries to fix stuff.  Awesome Woman Portia Lin violently elbows him out of the way and gets…shit…done. Life support is… Read more »

Game of Thrones Season 5 Finale Recap: “Mother’s Mercy”

It’s hard to believe Game of Thrones season 5 has already ended. Probably because, until the last few episodes, pretty much nothing happened. But we finally have a lot to talk about, so we better get to it… First of all, Stannis. His wife kills herself after letting her daughter be sacrificed (women are emotional and… Read more »

younger tv show

Watched, Read, Wrote: TV Circa June 13, 2015

I spend way too much time getting down on myself about the TV episodes I haven’t gotten around to watching, the think pieces I have yet to read, and the sure-to-be pop culture-shattering articles I have yet to move from my brain to the screen. Call it fandom-related FOMO. Call it the insatiable desire to succeed we Millennials… Read more »

The Fosters Season 3 Premiere Recap: “Wreckage”

And… they’re back! Who’s excited? I know I am. I really do miss The Fosters when they’re not around. There’s something about this wholesome drama that adds to my life and makes me feel like everything will be alright. Glad to have you back, friends. Let’s start with the obvious: I told you so —… Read more »

Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 9 Recap: “The Dance of Dragons”

Well, it’s finally happening. The season is getting a bit interesting. Obviously it’s also almost over, but you know, it’s better (really) late than never. Remember how I said Stannis is the worst? I think now it’s pretty well established. Ramsay’s little plan was apparently to sneak into Stannis’ camp and just burn all the food… Read more »

  • No, I Do Not Have To Watch Your Favorite TV Show

    There has been a lot of digital ink spilled over the way Game of Thrones portrays sexual violence and women. This article is not specifically about that. In spite of being very into genre TV and pop culture in general, I don’t watch GoT. I’m just maxed out on rape, violence, and objectification content right… Read more »

  • Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 8 Recap: “Hardhome”

    Friends, I am sorry to tell you this, but Game of Thrones has done it again. It finally felt like the season is picking up, but then this episode showed up to remind us that even with only 10 episodes a season, Game of Thrones doesn’t feel particularly rushed to move the story forward. “Hardhome”… Read more »

  • Trauma, Stigma and Shame: Outlander and Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse

    For most of this episode, I was torn between knowing I would need some serious self-care, and wanting desperately to comfort Jamie, and explain to him that he’s not alone. So much of what he experiences is what all male survivors of sexual abuse experience. I know that saying you’re just like everyone else is… Read more »

  • orphan black season 3 episode 6

    Orphan Black Season 3, Episode 6 Review — “It Was Never Beth I Loved”

    Orphan Black took a risk in its sixth episode of the season, taking a relative breather to draw a long-deceased clone back into the fold: Beth Childs. No, we’re not getting Zombie!Beth, but rather a version of the deceased clone in Sarah’s fever-induced hallucinations. This Beth appearance could have been an awkward, convoluted plot device,… Read more »

  • Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 7 Recap: “The Gift”

    Remember when I was praying for this season of Game of Thrones to pick up already? I think my wish finally came true. This was the first time this season that when the episode ended I felt like I absolutely have to watch the next one. Obviously I can’t do that, but it’s still a… Read more »

  • orphan black season 3 episode 4

    Orphan Black Season 3, Episode 4 — “Is Everyone Else’s Life This Chaotic?”

    Orphan Black embraces the ickiness in Season 3, Episode 4 (“Newer Elements of Our Defense”). Seriously, I spent this entire episode flinching and/or hiding behind my hands. In itself, this is neither a compliment nor an insult — at least from me. I don’t seek out unsettling gore in TV, but I am also not… Read more »

  • Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 6 Recap: “Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken”

    Oh man. Remember when we wanted the fifth season of Game of Thrones to make us feel something? Well, I’m feeling lots of somethings. Let’s start with the easy stuff. Arya is back, and she’s still washing corpses in the House of Black and White. Oh, and she also gets whipped by an adult man. Pretty… Read more »

  • Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 5 Recap: “Kill The Boy”

    We’re officially past the middle of the season. I know, it went by way too fast, but things are finally picking up a little. Weirdly enough, I feel a bit like not enough people have died yet, like I’m not really watching Game of Thrones. That makes me a little nervous that the second half of… Read more »

  • hayley atwell agent carter inspiration quotes

    10 Times Hayley Atwell Inspired Us At Philly Comic Con

    WARNING: HERE BE SPOILERS FOR AGENT CARTER SEASON 1. PROCEED AT YOUR OWN RISK… This past weekend, I spent three glorious days engaging in fandom at the Philadelphia Comic Con. The stand out of the event? A 45-minute Q&A with Agent Carter star Hayley Atwell in which she said awesome things like she hopes Agent Carter is a… Read more »

  • orphan black season 3 episode 3 review

    Orphan Black Season 3, Episode 3 Review — “God, Is This All We Are?”

    Orphan Black stepped up the Castor clone narrative in Season 3, Episode 3 (“Formalized, Complex, and Costly”), but at what seems to be the cost of Mark’s life. For those keeping track at home, this is the second subsequent episode that a Castor clone was killed. Not cool, Orphan Black. Not cool…. “Please, I love… Read more »