The newest trailer for Season 3 of Orphan Black is full of delicious, stress-inducing moments. It’s so good to see our beloved clones again, and there’s a lot to unpack in this 30-second sneak peek into the upcoming season. As we anxiously await for April 18th to get here already with new Orphan Black episodes, let’s take some time to obsess about this latest trailer. Here’s what goes down.

Mrs. S. admits to giving up Helena.

orphan black season 3 promo(Hey, Felix!)

orphan black season 3 promo

what have you doneIt looks like Mrs. S. is coming clean about trading Helena in order to get Sarah and Kira out of Dyad. Sarah does not seem very happy about this. For the record, neither am I.

 Helena is in trouble.

in a box

helenaThere are a lot of relatively disturbing shots of Helena in this trailer. We see her locked inside of a box, screaming in terror, and tearing up her cell. Will Helena’s torment ever end? And what will this latest trauma lead Helena to do?

Alison psyches herself up.

holy doodle 2Thank the TV gods for the lightheartedness Alison brings to this show. Otherwise, it might be all doom and gloom (with the occasional Felix quip), all the time. We’re not sure what Alison is psyching herself up for in this short clip — it looks like she’s getting ready to enter Dyad — but we love it. Never change, Alison.

Mrs. S. is in trouble, too.

orphan black season 3 promo

orphan black season 3 promoThings aren’t looking much better for Mrs. S. than they are for our clones. In one shot, we see her tied up in her kitchen with her attacker kicking over her chair. In another shot, she seems to be doing a littler better — attacking said attacker with her mad fighting skills. (Seriously, don’t mess with Mrs. S.) The unsettling thing is: it looks like the chair scene comes later in the episode, which doesn’t bode well for Mrs. S.

One of the male clones gets homicidal.

gunshotWe’re not sure which Project Castor clone character this is, but he doesn’t look very nice. Who is he shooting? It BETTER not be Helena.

Cosima loves Delphine and it hurts so bad.

orphan black season 3 promo

orphan black season 3 promoThese two continue to pull at the heartstrings. We get one shot of Cosima expressing her love for Delphine and another of Delphine taking some time out of her busy, Dyad-filled schedule to break down in what looks like Felix’s hallway. Brace yourselves, people.

Bonus: sneak peek scene from the Season 3 premiere.

What did you think of the Orphan Black Season 3 trailer? Did we miss any key moments? What was your favorite part? Sound off in the comments below!

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I know the “count your sisters” line was meant to be menacing, but in all honesty it’s probably going to be very useful. Also: get ready for Hot Topic’s OB line of clothing tomorrow! I love the Cosima jewelry, Helena’s dress and angel wing top, and Sarah’s leggings!


I thought the same thing about the “count your sisters” line. Seems like it may have led to Sarah questioning Mrs. S.? Also, yes to Sarah leggings especially. This clothing line is super sweet.


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